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After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting from Boston University (USA), Norma (Wasserman) Miller taught life-drawing at Harvard University. She initially established herself as a portrait painter with her work being represented in private and public collections, including the

National Portrait Gallery (Washington D.C) and Harvard University. Her life studies are on the cover of the best-selling book THE NATURAL WAY TO DRAW and her work has featured in many publications, including the cover of TIME magazine.

At the heart of Norma's work is her love of drawing. All of her work, from portraits to landscapes, show the keen observation and insight of the traditional portrait painter, but tradition is quickly brought to an end by the abstract space her subjects inhabit. Rather than capturing the proverbial moment in time, Norma sees her subjects in motion, inviting us into their private world.

This dualism of the real juxtaposed with the unreal is mirrored by Normas choice of subjects. She is fascinated by the very fine line that can exist between seemingly opposite traits. Her work may challenge what is really beautiful or serious, or even real. Often there is an edge of irony and humour underlying her work, and often she is simply captivated by the sheer beauty or movement of her subjects.

Although Norma's work has been mainly private commissions, her work has been exhibited at National Portrait Gallery (Washington D.C.), Harvard University, the Galaerie Borjeson (Sweden), the London Art Fair. Her portraits are in the collections of: The National Portrait Gallery (Washington D.C.), Harvard University Law School (Cambridge, MA.) and the Federal Court House (Boston, MA.). Her paintings are in private collections in the United States and Europe, including the 180 Beacon Street Collection (Boston, MA.) and Wolfgang Fischer formerly of the Marlborough Galleries and Fischer Fine Art. A recent article in the Weekend FT, talks about one of her paintings: At home: Richard Haass in New York -

Norma lives and works in London, England.

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